Artist statement

I am interested in the human nature, emotions and behaviours and relationships: to oneself, to others, to the environment, with everything we engage with. Many of my works are influenced by my roots in feminism. I provide  a point of view on issues of women's politics.

Especially in my pictorial figurative works I often depict big women and thus question the glorification of a certain body type and the devaluation of everything else. In my abstract works, I often portray anger, sadness, pain, frustration, humiliation, oppression, shame and the opposing fighting spirit that women experience only because of their gender. I often mirror this to a kind of “ideal state”. My performances are inspired by  "Feminist Art". I aim to point out the inequality in society, in particular that of women.

In my work I propose to constantly rethink the content as well as the medium, material and art form, to consider alternatives and to draw new conclusions. In painting, I work both abstractly and figuratively. I often combine both in one piece, as the contrast creates a particularly fascinating tension for me. My work process is often similar to that of some Abstract Expressionists: a combination of gesture-rich, intense painting guided by impulses and phases of reflection in which I engage intensively with the painting and evaluate next steps. My working materials range from traditional artistic painting tools to everyday objects. At the moment I am developing abstract works in which the boundary between painting, sculpture and installation is softened.



  • December'21 Participation at curated pop-up artfair "Kunst im Karton" in Berlin Berlin

  • October'21 Participatin  & curation of ArtCan Stand at curated artfair:  Supermarket 2021, international artfair, Stockholm

  • September'21 Participating at„ Gerichtshöfe Night & Day“

  • February'21 Exhibiting in the virtual exhibition "PRELUDE" run by ArtCan

  • October‘20  Participating in the group show „Vienna calling – All you need is love“, Gallery CoolPool, Vienna

  • September‘20 Participating at„ Gerichtshöfe Night & Day“. 

  • July‘20 Participating in the digital group show “Transient” by ArtCan    

  • March‘20 Participation at the group exhibition #fakenews at London’s Offshoot gallery.

       Exhibit: Live performance “Women – facts&fakes”      

  • Since August ‘19 Curation and preparation of the ArtCan Stand at „Stockholm Supermarket 2020, independent artfair“ 

  • February‘19 – August’19 Participating in the ArtCan group show “Elevate” at the Shard, London.

  • July‘18 Accepted as a member artist by ArtCan (

  • March’18 -  Solo show “Kylie me and all the lovers” at Bow Art’s RAW labs, London.

  • Aug'18 University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins - Painting Short Course “The next step”

  • Jan'09 -Oct'19 Managment Consultant at IBM UK ltd. 

  • Sep'07 - Jan'08 Université Paris Dauphine - Exchange semester: business studies

  • Sept'06- Jun'08 Oxford Brookes University - BSc (hons) International Hospitality Management

  • June05 - Aug'06 Front office assistant, Cologne,Germany

  • Sept'02 - May'05 Apprenticeship Hotel Clerk, Cologne, Germany

re-think.  re-consider.  re-conclude