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I am a multi-disciplinary artist working with painting, sculpture, installation and performance.

As a feminist woman I experience a world which is made up by rules and norms build upon patriarchy.

Quoting Carol Hanish: “The Personal Is Political” – This is true for me.

As such the human nature, emotions, behaviors and relationships are what my work is about.

I often create through exploration of sensation, emotion and impulse.

Art is my voice.


Exhibition list:

October’22 Lund Konsthelg, group show, 3rd floor Ateljéföreningen, Lund 

September’22 Vienna calling III, group show, Gallery CoolPool, Vienna

March’22 Framing Our Future: IWD Group show, ArtCan virtual gallery

December’21 Kunst im Karton, pop-Up artfair, Berlin

October’21 Supermarket independent artfair, Stockholm

September‘21 Gerichtshöfe night & day 2021, open studios, Berlin

February’21 Prelude, group show ArtCan virtual gallery

October‘20  Vienna calling II, group show, Gallery CoolPool, Vienna

September‘20 „Gerichtshöfe night & day, open studios, Berlin

July‘20  Transient, group show, ArtCan virtual gallery

March‘20 #fakenews, Group show, Offshoot gallery, London

February‘19 – August’19 Elevate, group show, ArtCan at the Shard, London.

March’18 -  Kylie me and all the lovers, Solo show, Bow Art’s - RAW labs, London.



re-think.  re-consider.  re-conclude

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