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My work spans across painting, sculpture, installation, and performance. I engaging in a continuous exploration of sentiment, emotions and thoughts. I currently focus on textile works which could be described as paintings in the expanded field. I paint, dye and stain fabrics of various opacities. Which I then sew into three dimensional collages. My process is expressive almost performative, led by impulse and a result of continuously experimenting. 
My personal history and being a committed feminist inform my work: echoing Carol Hanish "The personal is political". With my body of work, I aim to form an immersive spatial full body experience. 
Originally from Cologne, I pursued Management studies in Oxford and Paris. During a decade-long career as a Management Consultant in London, I began my artist studio practice in 2017 in parallel. Fully committing to art in 2019, I relocated to Berlin and, since 2022 am based in Malmö. 
I have exhibited and contributed to artist-run initiatives in London, Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm and Malmö.

Exhibition list:

October’23 Lund Konsthelg, open studios, 3rd floor Ateljéföreningen, Lund

March'23 Abandonned gallery, Malmö

October’22 Lund Konsthelg, group show, 3rd floor Ateljéföreningen, Lund 

September’22 Vienna calling III, group show, Gallery CoolPool, Vienna

March’22 Framing Our Future: IWD Group show, ArtCan virtual gallery

December’21 Kunst im Karton, pop-Up artfair, Berlin

October’21 Supermarket independent artfair, Stockholm

September‘21 Gerichtshöfe night & day 2021, open studios, Berlin

February’21 Prelude, group show ArtCan virtual gallery

October‘20  Vienna calling II, group show, Gallery CoolPool, Vienna

September‘20 „Gerichtshöfe night & day, open studios, Berlin

July‘20  Transient, group show, ArtCan virtual gallery

March‘20 #fakenews, Group show, Offshoot gallery, London

February‘19 – August’19 Elevate, group show, ArtCan at the Shard, London.

March’18 -  Kylie me and all the lovers, Solo show, Bow Art’s - RAW labs, London.



re-think.  re-consider.  re-conclude

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