About me

I am a Berlin based self-taught artist. I started my professional artistic endeavour in London during the summer of 2017. I lived and worked in the UK for 12 years. I have started my career as a Management Consultant and am currently in the process of shifting my focus onto progressing my career as an artist.

Art is how I express myself, my feelings and opinions. In my art I equally create from what is within me and from external impulse. I have done work around relationships and the human nature/feelings. Lately I developed an appetite to express my feelings and questions of societal/political issues in my work. I am currently developing a body of work around the female role in society and the struggles which come with this.  Having said this. My key goal is to make people think. Whether what you see in a particular piece of my art matches my thoughts & feelings is not relevant, as long as it speaks to you in some shape or form.

I aim to touch people’s feelings with what I create. Being mostly self taught, my goal is to reach people of all backgrounds, to provoke discussion and thought. I strongly believe that anyone can discuss and understand art, as the interpretation is solely with the individual viewer. Everyone should be free to have their very own perspective. 

© 2019 by Christine Manderla