When things start falling into place...

This is my first ever blog post and it is a little scary, considering that I have just turned my life upside down to follow my dream: Being a full time artist. But first things first. Until mid 2017 I would not even have called myself an artist. I was making a living as a management consultant and while I always enjoyed making art, I did not create more than a painting every couple of years from my early twenties to mid thirties.

In July 2017 a painting course called "The next step" at London's Central Saint Martins college should change this.

For two weeks I was in a room full of incredibly talented and inspiring painters and I surprised myself of what I could produce if I was willing to give it my all. I have to say that a huge part was the encouragement, friendship and support within this group of students. We were 12 people, from 10 countries (China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, UK, Sweden, Australia, Agentina, Germany) aged between 18 and 65. I will never forget what those people did for me: They gave me the confidence that it was worth exploring what is within the possible for me and art.

About a month later I got a studio and 8 month later I had my first solo show at BowArts RAW Labs in London. I still remember standing among a crowd of people talking about my work at the opening night of my show and that I could not believe that this is happening: People wanted to see my work, people enjoyed looking at what I created, I reached people's emotions. It is an overwhelming feeling. I believe that was the start of my journey. I felt extremely thankful and proud.

In 2018 I was accepted as a memeber to


, a non-profit artist run arts organisation with over 177 artists in over 26 countries. I did not only get the opportunity to exhibit at Duffs & Phelbs in London's Shard, most importantly I joined a community of diverse artist which is supportive, collaborative and is priceless as making art can be somewhat of an isolated endeavour sometimes.

This week I had the exciting news that ArtCan's proposal to

Art Supermarket 2020 in Stockholm

which I co-curated and coordinated together with the fabulous

Pernilla Iggstrom

was accepted. There could not have been a better start into this new chapter of my life.

On my blog I will be talking about my journey of establishing as a female artist and what it means to launch and run an art business. Any suggestion?, question? just leave a comment. If you are not doing so already, I would be absolutely thrilled if you would start to follow me on social media. Have a fantastic and creative week :-)


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