Making Lemonade

I guess everyone has heard the saying: "If life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade". In the current global pandemic crisis and all its side effects I believe it is only adequate to be humble, if your life is not directly or indirectly threatened by the current situation. I live in a country which ensures I will not starve or get homeless, a country which ensured that I can even keep my business alive during those times.

I am in a much better position than the majority of the worlds population. However, in all honesty it felt really bad at first, when the lockdown measures took place. I had just registered as an art & consulting freelancer and was keen to follow all those plans I made to grow as an artist and provider of ideation and creative solutioning consulting. And then there was pure panic: how would I make money, calculating how many month I could survive without income, the biggest artistic opportunity I ever had so far being postponed indefinitely. After a good week of victimising myself, moaning and swearing about the situation, I pulled myself together and decided that I needed to do what I can to get through this. Also realising, neither me nor anyone I love was truly threatened by this. But there are millions of people who are loosing their existence and potentially their life directly or indirectly due to this pandemic. I felt it was somehow my duty to make lemonade. A great opportunity was appearing in all this: For a couple of month I would be able to focus on the joy of creating, working on my artistic progress and therefore improve. With the intention

of being ready for when the world would open up again.

Since I have been at the studio every working day and truly stretched myself both technically and artistically. Having a 1000 new ideas, both artistically and business wise, which are opportunities in themselves. Opposed to many other people I have been in the lucky position to make lemonade and am thankful for this every day.


© 2019 by Christine Manderla