Looking into the eye of the tiger: seeking gallery representation

A few weeks back, for the first time in my life, I talked to a traditional gallerist about potentially representing my work. I had so far avoided going down this path. Here is why and why I am shifting my perspective on working with traditional galleries.

There is many different ways to sell your art: online galleries, your personal website, art fairs, open studios and being represented by actual galleries, etc.. I

always avoided the latter. And in London that worked. There is a huge independent art scene which is blooming and you have every chance to at least start selling without gallery representation.

When I moved to Berlin I realised that things appear very different in Germany. Gallery representation seems to be key to success here for any artist. I cannot back this with facts or numbers, it is just my impression from talking to other artists and reading up online. For a while I was still scared, trying to avoid Galleries at all cost. The reason for that being the fear of rejection. However I also want to be successful which meant I had to do something about it.

I have an acquainted gallerist in my social circle and I just asked him whether I could come and see him at his gallery: he said yes. Great news. We talked for 2 hours about the art scene, his gallery, what he is looking for, my path and looked at my art. We are still in conversation after that. As much as I would be thrilled if we would be working together in the future, the great success to me was that I talked to someone who makes their entire living dealing with art and he liked what I do. He also gave me a lot of insight on the art scene in Germany, which still is much needed. I am truly thankful he took the time to talk to me and engage with me work. This experience is somehow setting the tone for my mindset for approaching other gallerist. I am not expecting all interactions to go this way. But for any rejection, I can think back to this first experience and move on to the next opportunity until we have a match.

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