upcoming shows

At #fakenews  will be presenting my performance: "Women - facts & fake".

Debuting as a performance artist, during this live performance I will use expressive movement within an audio-visual space. 

The theoretical basis for this performance, is that “fake news” over time have created and are still creating a cultural norm and perception on the female role in society. 

The show will take place at Offshoot Gallery in London from the 05-08 of March 2020

You can see my performance on the following dates:

5th March:  approximately 7.30pm

7th  &8th  March:  approximately 12.30pm

I am co-curating ArtCan's stand at "Supermarket independent art fair Stockholm", as well showing new work as part of a group installation.

The fair will take place from the 23-26 April 2020 at  Skrapan located in Stockholm's trendy district of Soedermalm.

For the ArtCan dedicated exhibiting space, we will present ‘Fabrication of Self’, a multisensory experience to which visitors will be invited to reflect on the construction of one’s own image in the digital age:

“We exist in a world where it has never been easier to fabricate an image of ourselves - the question is how much of our true selves is contained within these optimised images? How does this affect us, and our emotions and relationships? “

Visitors enter an installation and become part of it. A maze of perspectives on “The Fabrication of Self” culminates in an interactive live performance within the ArtCan stand. The visitor’s interaction activates the installation and they ultimately become a part of the experience.

Previous shows

Elevate is a carefully curated show of ArtCan member artists work where I am exhibiting "reality" (oil on canvas, 152x122 cm). ArtCan has filled Duffs & Phelbs' office walls, conference rooms and social areas with vibrant and exciting contemporary art. 

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