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Transient is a response to the current global pandemic lockdown presented by contemporary arts organisation ArtCan.

Through their international roster of artists, ArtCan brings you their very first virtual exhibition to share creativity during these times, and to provide you with a moment of temporary escape. 

Visit exhibition ->  https://www.artcan.org.uk/whats-on-2/transient/

I will be showing my performance "women - facts & facts" and my painting "Equality?" I choose those pieces, as women have been pushed back into old role models with no child care and schools available during lockdown, so men could continue to progress their careers. As a feminist, to me this is one of the worst side effects of the lockdown and could potential throw us back decades in our fight for equality. Unless we stand up now and say: NO MORE!

I am co-curating ArtCan's stand at "Supermarket independent art fair Stockholm", as well showing new work as part of a group installation.

The fair was going to take place from the 23-26 April 2020 at  Skrapan located in Stockholm's trendy district of Soedermalm. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is now being postponed to early autum 2020. Exact dates will be confirmed.

For the ArtCan dedicated exhibiting space, we will present ‘Fabrication of Self’, a multisensory experience to which visitors will be invited to reflect on the construction of one’s own image in the digital age:

“We exist in a world where it has never been easier to fabricate an image of ourselves - the question is how much of our true selves is contained within these optimised images? How does this affect us, and our emotions and relationships? “

Visitors enter an installation and become part of it. A maze of perspectives on “The Fabrication of Self” culminates in an interactive live performance within the ArtCan stand. The visitor’s interaction activates the installation and they ultimately become a part of the experience.

Roy's Art Fair at London's Trumans Brewery is planned to take place from the 8-11 October 2020. 

Roy’s Art Fair was created by artists Roy Tyson & Samuel Peacock to promote emerging and established artists, and bring together everyone that enjoys art in a relaxed, fun, open, accessible atmosphere. This will be the 6th edition and I am excited to have been accepted.

Previous shows

At #fakenews at London's Offshoot Gallery I presented my performance: "Women - facts & fakes".

Debuting as a performance artist, my performance is based on the idea that “fake news” over time have created and are still creating a cultural norm and perception on the female role in society.  During my live performance I move within and audio-visual space, a collage showing the struggle between the assumed “female role” and gender equality, to express my emotions towards the issue. 

The full video of this performance is available here.

Elevate is a carefully curated show of ArtCan member artists work where I am exhibiting "reality" (oil on canvas, 152x122 cm). ArtCan has filled Duffs & Phelbs' office walls, conference rooms and social areas with vibrant and exciting contemporary art. 

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